Dieppe Raid Commemoration, Newhaven 2023

Dieppe Raid Commemoration

Chamber President Mike Shorer and Vice President Annie Lorys attended the 81st Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid in Newhaven on Sunday 13 August and laid a wreath on behalf of Newhaven Chamber at the Canadian War Memorial on Memorial Green.

The event was to honour and remember those that lost their lives in Operation Jubilee/The Dieppe Raid on 19 August 1942.  The raid was an allied amphibious attack on the German-occupied port of Dieppe in northern France, during the Second World War. Over 6,050 infantry, predominantly Canadian troops, supported by a regiment of tanks, were put ashore from a naval force operating under protection of Royal Air Force fighters.  Within ten hours, 3,623 of the 6,086 men who landed had been killed, wounded or became prisoners of war.

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