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Build credibility and trust for your business

Networking with other like-minded businesses within a Chamber of Commerce makes your company part of a credible organisation. Our members work as a team, growing local businesses and promoting the whole community.

Chambers of Commerce are the most trusted source for local information and used by many people looking to do business locally, live or visit the area. Being a member gives you a built-in advantage as other members will get to know you, trust you and promote your services and products to their connections and extensive network.

Strengthen your business connections

Showing people that you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce will give them the confidence to use you as a supplier or service provider. Newhaven Chamber connects businesses, engages with the owner, director, or business representative, and supports that business to prosper. However, networking is about sharing and helping one another to reach goals. These can be business goals or personal goals. Regularly engaging with your contacts will open opportunities and enable you to build strong connections.

Access information, support and learn from others

Networking creates opportunities to learn from others, exchange best practices and learn new techniques.

Networking can help you keep you abreast of local knowledge and industry developments. Being part of an informed group of professional business people will open doors to new and valuable information. Ask a question and, there is no doubt that someone in the room can help you answer that question – giving you a great sounding board and the confidence to tackle bigger problems.

Networking naturally and with confidence

Networking will bring most people out of their comfort zone. At Newhaven Chamber, we have seen new members grow in confidence even after a few short weeks. The more you network, the more lasting connections you will make, and we know from experience that some of our strongest and most lasting friendships have come from work connections. People will have similar goals to your own, and therefore it’s not unlikely that your work network may turn into personal friendships. We hope they do.

Connect, engage and grow

If you decide to connect, engage, and grow your business by becoming a member of Newhaven Chamber it will open up a wide range of networking events.

Networking is sometimes confused with selling but it is actually about building long-term relationships with companies that have built great reputations.

A few pre-networking tips

Arrive at the event with a few relevant points of discussion in mind. You don’t have to talk about work; you can talk about the venue, hobbies, or a recent event; the idea is to get the conversation moving. Also don’t forget to take your business cards and talk about any new products, services or events that are happening within your own business or personal life.

Remember, you are developing relationships – don’t try and close a deal. Give referrals and take two business cards as you may know someone else within your networking group that could benefit from the business you are talking to. Think about your network beyond the event and contacts you can refer. And finally, always follow up!

International Networking with Vietnam

We have strong connections with Vietnam, and more than once a year there are opportunities for members to part of our networking with the Vietnamese Embassy and the Ambassador who is very keen to strengthen trade between Newhaven and Vietnam.

Our next networking events

Breakfast Networking Club

Every Wednesday, we meet for breakfast at the Luna Rossa, West Quay, Newhaven. If you would like to join us, please see our Breakfast Networking page or book here.

Monthly lunch events with Newhaven Enterprise Centre

We have just started meeting with colleagues at the Newhaven Enterprise Centre once a month for lunch. This expands our networking and provides an opportunity to meet new businesses within the town.

A local business sponsors the light lunch and refreshments. We have a networking pre-buffet lunch, a 20-minute speaker, and attendees can continue to network at the Newhaven Enterprise Centre.

For future events, please visit our calendar. Visitors are welcome, but places are limited to 35 people.