10 tips for entering the Seahaven Business Awards

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10 tips to help you write an entry or nomination for the Seahaven Business Awards

  • Enter the correct category and make sure that the award reflects what you excel in.
  • If you are entering more than one category, make sure you tailor your entry according to the category. Entries that are just copied and pasted across numerous categories are unlikely to be relevant to the criteria.
  • Be smart about which category you are entering. Pick the award that you have the best chance of winning based on your strengths. Demonstrate that you have a niche and that your business is sustainable for the future.
  • Be concise – although there is no word limit, the judges have a lot of entries to read, and you need to grab their attention.
  • Tell a story and to gain the judges’ attention from the title through to the content.
  • Prove to the judges you are the best organisation or person in that category. Prove the claims you make whether they are for customer service, value for money, innovation etc. Provide figures.
  • Substantiate your entry with attachments but make sure they are relevant to your entry. You can submit a presentation folder or a printed entry. Remember to include customer testimonials.
  • Give yourself time to apply – do not rush. Take the time to showcase your achievements but remember the entry deadline.
  • Presentation is key – use bullet points or subheadings and make sure your entry is well structured and grammatically correct.
  • Be passionate! Remember, you are showcasing your business and achievements to the judges. If your entry does not sound interesting and you’re not passionate about your business, you cannot expect the judges to be.

You have to be in it – to win it!