Points-of-Difference and Points of Parity

What are points-of-difference (POD)? When deciding upon a brand’s/product’s positioning in the marketplace, the organization must ensure that end positioning has both sufficient points-of-parity (POP) and points-of-difference (POD). What this means is that you want the brand/product to be consider equal/similar (on par with, hence the word ‘parity’) with the…...

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Move your marketing forward

MOVE YOUR MARKETING FORWARD – FREE B2B NETWORKING HUB EVENT Is your marketing working hard enough for your business? Are you targeting the right audience to get the best return on your hard work? Come along to our Networking Hub and pick up some quick and easy hints and tips…...

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BVP capture unique Inter-Chamber Karting Challenge footage

When the Newhaven Chamber of Commerce launched it’s Inter-Chamber Karting Challenge this year the event was captured expertly on video thanks to Brighton Video Productions.  Harnessing the power of film to promote your business In this day of rapidly advancing technology, companies need to devise new and exciting ways to…...

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