Ha Long Bay named in ceremony for Round the World Yacht Race

Ha Long Bay Round the World Yacht Race
Ha Long Bay Round the World Yacht Race

On Thursday August 29th 2019 Chamber President Mike Shorer was honoured to be invited by the Ambassador of Viet Nam to the naming of the Clipper, the Ha Long Bay. This is the Vietnamese entry in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, 15 races, 41,165 Nautical miles, 228 days of racing, 11 teams and a total of 688 crew. The Ha Long Bay is only 23m long but will be crewed by 22 people at any one time. Very crowded and after a few weeks with only one wetwipe per day for washing, fairly aromatic. Apart from the Skipper, the ladies and gentlemen of the crew are not professional sailors but have been trained to the highest level. What an adventure!

Whilst at the Vietnamese Clipper naming ceremony Mike was lucky enough to meet Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. He thanked him for looking after the replica of Christopher Columbus’s Astrolabe that Mike’s Father made for him to use on his solo crossing of the Atlantic in 1989. He used it all the way across and it was accurate to less than 1% over 3000 miles. He is a remarkable man and they chatted at length about that voyage and the upcoming Clipper race. Pictured is the only other replica of the Astrolabe which Mike has in his studio.

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