Newhaven retains Inter-Chamber Karting Challenge trophy

The third annual Chamber Karting Challenge was hotly contested at The Campbell Circuit, Jevington last Sunday. 48 drivers competed in 12 teams from Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven Chambers over two hours.

The racing was extremely close (too close in some cases) and after a few black flags brought several drivers in to the pits for a severe talking to by the Chief Marshall, we all calmed down slightly but on the track the pace was still frenetic.

The hot sunny weather helped warm the tyres and with the testosterone levels rising (even from the lady drivers, which is an interesting concept!), everyone was really giving it some welly. Several spin-offs and re-shaping of the tyre barriers later, the chequered flag flew to bring this amazing event to a close.

Remarkably, even though over 3,300 laps were driven in total, the gap between the top two teams was just 7.765 seconds!

Newhaven Chamber retained the trophy, Peacehaven were second and Seaford third. Darren Tullet’s ‘A’ Team won the fastest team trophy (fastest lap 29.404 seconds), kindly sponsored by Gerri Ori at Brooklyn Motors.

Everyone enjoyed it hugely and some teams are already planning track tests in readiness for next year. Hopefully there may be more Chambers competing, so come on people, get your race face on, foot to the floor: it’s the only way to go !

View photos from the day here

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