This week’s speaker is Jon Whitehead from Cleankill Pest Control.

Jon will be discussing bird control and the removal of bird fouling! Bird droppings, feathers and other debris left behind after birds have invaded your property, outdoor spaces or premises can be inconvenient, unsightly and damaging.

Faeces from birds such as gulls and pigeons can contain high levels of uric acid. This erodes tiles, pipes and gutters and is estimated to equate to millions of pounds in damage to property every year. Twigs and other materials used for nesting also get caught in gutters and drains, which can cause water blockages as well as costly repairs. Many commercial buildings are equipped with large external vents or air conditioning units. These often provide a flat, safe place for birds to perch and nest, which means they also get damaged by droppings.

Bird faeces and waste is likely to be unsanitary and require the correct treatment, tools and clothing in order to remove it safely and completely. Jon will give us an insight in what is involved in removing the unsightly faeces and the effect it can have on businesses.

Guests and visitors can come and network with our regular Chamber members, you’ll be made very welcome!


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When and where

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What is involved?

The members arrive at around 7am, meet for a chat and have tea or coffee, at 7:30am when everyone is seated and breakfast is served. Everyone is given the opportunity to give a 60 second presentation to the group about their business. Each week one chamber member is given the opportunity to give a fuller 10 minute presentation if they wish.


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