Breakfast Club Networking – James Kelly – Storganise

Our guest speaker this week is James Kelly of Storganise.

Digitising your records

Turning physical memories into digital assets

What do you have in storage, on old hard drives, old photos, certificates, things that have sentimental value?

Or do you have assets that could be making you money?

  • Writers may have old scripts or book ideas that never came to light
  • Musicians will have never-released out-takes

Maybe you have data that would be valuable to somebody else that you would rather keep for yourself

  • Old company finances
  • Archive emails

Hard drives have a shelf life – some say 10 years, some say 2 years. In any event, it is likely if you have stored any important data digitally, it could potentially be lost.

Physical records have a shelf life too – Sheryl Crow and Universal Music know this only too well after the catastrophic fire details that have recently come to light.

Just having a hard drive that says “Backup” on it sitting in the corner of your office isn’t necessarily enough.

Could you benefit from digitising your records?

  • Ease of access
  • Multiple versions in case of disaster
  • Minimal time lost in admin
  • Minimal time lost recovering data in an emergency

The Newhaven Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Club meets weekly and is an excellent way to meet new customers and suppliers for your business. Although the meetings are structured they are friendly and informal with the emphasis on developing relationships to help each member’s business interests.

Guests and visitors can come and network with our regular Chamber members, you’ll be made very welcome!


  • to promote members businesses through regular networking meetings
  • to generate business referrals for member businesses
  • to learn about other member businesses
  • to develop relationships with members to build goodwill and trust
  • to increase awareness and membership of the Chamber
When and where

Every Wednesday 7.00am – 8.30am

Woody’s Bar & Grill / Peacehaven Golf Club
Brighton Road

Telephone: 01273 515566

What is involved?

The members arrive at around 7am, meet for a chat and have tea or coffee, at 7:30am when everyone is seated and breakfast is served. Everyone is given the opportunity to give a 60 second presentation to the group about their business. Each week one chamber member is given the opportunity to give a fuller 10 minute presentation if they wish.


Breakfast club members pay £41.17 per month (equivalent to £9.50 per breakfast) by standing order.

Guests are very welcome and can pay on the day £9.50 per breakfast for a maximum of 3 visits, thereafter breakfast is £12.00.
Non-breakfast club chamber members £12.00 per breakfast.
We’d love to welcome you to our weekly breakfast networking, why not give it a try, you’ll be in good company!