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Coronavirus: What businesses need to know

The government has moved from the ‘containment’ to the ‘delay’ phase of infection control.  In the last week we have seen the number of people in the UK testing positive for the virus increase substantially. A move to the delay phase means that the disease has become established in the UK, and that further measures need to be taken to reduce the rate and extent of its spread.


Coronavirus Covid-19

Importers and Exporters (from our affiliation with Sussex Chamber)

Ana Christie, Chief Executive of Sussex Chamber of Commerce, said: “The outbreak is already affecting businesses all around the world. With some factories on extended shutdown, we anticipate interruptions to shipments of goods. As we enter the ‘delay’ phase, there is a risk of staff sickness, self-isolation or travel disruption. This could affect our ability to deliver documentation services. Click here for Export Documentation guidance

Risk Assessments

Our advice to businesses is to do a risk assessment. Look at your supply chain, identify vulnerabilities if supplies are interrupted and make contingency plans. Review whether systems are in place to allow staff to work from home.


You also need to consider cash flow if there’s a risk that your business model will be disrupted. It’s better to discuss these issues with your bank now and make provision if you’re going to need an extended overdraft, for example.

Budget March 2020 key announcements: There is much to welcome in this Budget for business communities. The Chancellor has listened to our calls for support to help firms overcome cash flow challenges posed by Coronavirus. More information.

Networking Events, Training Courses and meetings: All future events have been cancelled until further notice, please keep an eye on our website for further updates.


Advice and Best Practice

“Below, we outline the advice and best practice from the Government, NHS, and other organisations.

British Chambers of Commerce hub – preparing for and responding to Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus continues to impact the operations of businesses, the British Chambers team has collated information and resources from the UK government and the Chamber Network in an online support hub. This will be a constantly evolving resource and we will continue to amend guidance as and when we receive updated information.

To support our members managing the impact of the Coronavirus, please email this address:

  • To share examples of the impact on your local business community
  • To get Chamber support on any questions; and
  • Any other related queries on the issue.