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Name: Thomas Waters

About me and how the Chamber of Commerce has helped me:

Many of you have already met me and if you haven’t please come and say hello! The few that have and had conversations with soon know that I can talk to anyone about pretty much anything, whether it is work related or not! Many of you who are reading this are probably asking yourselves how I ended up in telecommunications after studying a sports degree. Yes, I love sport and everything that goes on in the background of the physical games, but I really wanted to get in to business and a business development role ever since I left sixth form (college). The reason I chose the degree that I did was because I always struggled with understanding and learning new things that were not anything to do with Sport. However, I thought what better way of learning something that at times could be boring and link it to something that I find exciting and relatable?

Cavendish Communications

Having graduated from University in the summer of 2017 I then found myself looking for employment. I was new to business and working life, but I knew that I wanted to go into a job that not only gave me a platform to grow as a person and improve my skills but also one that I could hit the ground running with the qualities I had inherited over the years of education.

Cavendish straight away hit me as a business I knew could help me with my progression not only as a businessman but also as a person. The staff and other employees at the business helped me and made me feel welcome from the very first day. I have worked in other offices before but there is a real togetherness that is at Cavendish that I believe is important, not only for the business but also to its customers. My role at Cavendish is new sales and seeking business opportunities across the South-East. I love meeting new people and building business relationships to benefit not only myself and the business but also others.

Cavendish CommunicationsThis is where the Chamber of Commerce really helped me build a platform to speak and build relationships with. When I first started at Cavendish I saw myself as a small fish in not just a small pond but the Pacific Ocean. There are people and competitors out there who have been doing what I am for years and are very good at what they do. The Chamber has helped me build my confidence and skills and helped me grow in a matter of months. Whether this is practising my 1-minute pitch or listening to 10-minute presentations that have taught me valuable information that I am now using on a day to day basis. I can’t thank the Chamber and its members enough for the help and support they have given me.

I would recommend becoming a Chamber of Commerce member without question. Whether you have 20+ years’ experience or whether you are like me, new to business and wanting to better themselves. The Chamber is a great source of reaching a wide range of businesses that are willing to help you if you are willing to help them.

Thomas Waters
Cavendish Communications Ltd

Cavendish Communications is a local telecoms provider to businesses across the South East. They offer the full range of solutions to meet the needs of any modern business from Business Phone Systems and Mobiles to Cloud Telephony and Fibre Broadband. Since 1990, they have built a strong reputation for superior customer service and are very proud to support over 2500 organisations in both the public and private sector.

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