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300 Reasons to Visit Newhaven

    Living Newhaven Media has created a great way to promote businesses in Newhaven in the form of interviewing 100 people and publishing the interviews in a video format. Created by a young Newhaven entrepreneur, George films you answering three questions about Newhaven and your business which is then…...

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Newhaven Job Centre plus Interview Skills Workshops

Newhaven Job Centre plus are seeking Employers who would be willing to conduct an interview with a customer from the Newhaven Job Centre. The function of this opportunity will be: (i)    Improve the confidence of the job centre customer with regards to the interview experience (ii)   To develop…...

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An invitation to discover Gatwick

In 2016 Gatwick opened its doors to representatives of the local community at a series of events where they could learn more about Gatwick and how they are leading the way in enhancing the experience of passengers and in managing a highly efficient and responsible airport. They value good relationships with their neighbours…...

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