BVP capture unique Inter-Chamber Karting Challenge footage

When the Newhaven Chamber of Commerce launched it’s Inter-Chamber Karting Challenge this year the event was captured expertly on video thanks to Brighton Video Productions

Harnessing the power of film to promote your business In this day of rapidly advancing technology, companies need to devise new and exciting ways to communicate their message to their customers– and there are few better ways to do that than video.

Brighton Video ProductionThat is why it makes sense to call in the services of Brighton Video Production, formed four years ago by Colin and Tim Meagher after Colin turned a 35-year hobby into a business, Tim harnessed his artistic genes to find he had a knack at editing Colin, who is a cameraman and also conducts interviews drawing on his experience as a radio presenter, runs the business with son Tim, a cameraman and film editor, editing being the hardest part of the whole filming industry.

Colin said: “Videos are a great way for a company to communicate what they do in a snappy and slick way within minutes, our films are short and sharp, they do not bore the viewer and they  get the message over in an effective way.”

The company has made a wide range of promotional films, everything from showing a wide array of Events, products, services, conferences and exhibitions & special moment celebrations. Not all the films are for public consumption and the company has made training videos as well.

Colin said: “There is nothing that cannot be filmed and the variety of work that we do shows how flexible video can be. We also use drones which gives us the opportunity to present some really interesting camera angles  “We take our clients no matter how large or small through every step of the process, taking them though the script and interviewing to the filming itself and of course the Royalty Free music options that are available.

You can find out more about the company at details needed here or

View the video: