Newhaven Chamber of Commerce Constitution


Committee members (current January 2018)

Mike Shorer, President
Paul Boswell, Secretary
Gary Walsh, Vice President
Annie Lorys, committee member 
Richard Excell, committee member
Ian Kerr, committee member 

Helen Macaulay, committee member
Julia Johnson, committee member
Jonathon Whitehead, committee member 
Alison Campbell, committee member 


1 Name and constitution

The association shall be called “Newhaven Chamber of Commerce” (hereinafter called “The Chamber”), and membership shall consist of merchants wholesale and retail traders manufacturers, farmers, mariners, members of professions, civil servants, companies, directors of companies, and representatives of national authorities who carry out there business, work or profession in Newhaven. Private individuals who are resident within such an area and who are interested in the prosperity and well being of the town and who are or have been previously engaged in any business or profession may also join.

2 Aims and Objectives

  • to promote and protect the commercial, professional and general interests of Newhaven and the local economy
  • to provide a business support functions for member businesses such as the provision of training and business advice.
  • to act as an information point for all businesses operating in the area described in section one. Providing useful information and contacts.
  • to discuss and promote measures calculated to benefit the business interests of Newhaven
  • to promote friendly relations amongst persons interested in the commercial welfare of the town.
  • to make known the advantages of Newhaven as a residential town and tourist area.
  • to support charitable fund raising activities where considered appropriate to the intent of the Chamber interests and the well being of Newhaven and its in habitants.
  • to discuss and deal with all matters (non political and non sectarian) arising relative to local affairs.

3 Membership

3.1 There will be three categories of membership.

A. Full membership: for businesses and business people based in or who operate in Newhaven, Denton, South Heighton and Mount Pleasant. Full membership will provide a range of benefits (described below); full voting rights and the right to stand for committee.

B. Affiliate membership: This is open to voluntary, charitable and non – profit making organisations that operate in the aforementioned area. They will receive full benefits of membership but will not be eligible to hold a position on the committee or vote in an election.

C. Honorary membership: from time to time individuals who have in the opinion of the committee provided service to the benefit of Newhaven may be asked to become Honorary members. This will run for one year unless otherwise stated.

3.2 Any person, firm or company wishing to become a member of the Chamber will need to be nominated and recommended by an existing member. On application, payment of the required fee and providing the application matches the criteria for membership as set out above, the member will receive a welcome pack and be entitled to the benefits of membership.

3.3 Any firm, company or authority becoming members of the Chamber shall nominate in writing a representative, whose name shall be entered in the register of the Chamber as representing such company and who shall have full authority to exercise all right of membership on behalf of such firm, company or authority representative shall have the right to appoint a deputy:

4 Benefits of Membership

The central benefit of chamber membership will be the opportunity to network and share business ideas and experiences with like minded business men and women. On first joining the Chamber the member will receive a welcome pack comprising of:

Membership Certificate (to be displayed at the business premises)
A window sticker (to be prominently displayed to demonstrate your association)
A copy of the constitution
A list of the current executive steering committee and their contact details
A calendar of forthcoming events
Furthermore the member will receive:
A copy of the Chamber newsletter
An information page and web link on the chamber website
Members will also receive from time to time special offers from other member businesses or external support agencies that are deemed to be beneficial to the membership by the executive committee or the secretary.

5 Meetings

The chamber of commerce will from time to time organise meetings, seminars and talks designed to bring benefits to the Chamber and its members.

Weekly breakfast meetings are organised and run by the chamber.

6 Subscriptions

If the executive committee so decide an annual joining fee shall be payable by all new members, this fee to be fixed at rate appropriate by the executive committee.

The annual fees are decided by the committee and ratified at the Annual General meeting.

Membership will be on a calendar year basis and 28 days before renewal, an invoice will be sent to the member, confirming the required fee for the forthcoming year. Failure to pay the required membership fee within 7 days of the renewal date will result in cancellation of the membership

Payment of fees can be by cash, cheque or standing order. If payment is made by standing order then fees can be paid on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis.

7 Management

The management policy of the chamber shall be vested in the Chamber. The day to day management shall be the responsibility of the President, the Vice President and the Secretary of the Chamber executive committee. The President shall take the chair at all meetings of the chamber at which he/she is present and in his/her absence the vice president shall preside, and in the absence of both the meeting shall elect a chairman from the members present.

The chamber shall appoint an executive steering committee for the purpose of setting the agenda for the chamber, and for dealing with special or urgent matters, which may arise with power to act as the chamber. The executive committee shall also consider all matters to be discussed and business by the chamber and at any general meetings shall make recommendations to such meetings.

The executive committee shall comprise of a minimum of 6 representatives; the president, the vice president, the secretary and the treasurer plus representatives from various business sectors operating within Newhaven.

The executive committee shall have the power to appoint a temporary secretary in the event of death, resignation, dismissal or inability to act of the person for the time being holding the office of secretary respectively and such temporary officer shall have the power and continue to act until a new secretary shall be appointed by the chamber in a general meeting. The executive committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees from their members and such sub-committees shall have the power to co-opt any member/s of the chamber to serve on the sub- committees but any co – opted member shall have no voting right when attending the meetings of the executive committee.

If any member of the executive committee shall, in the opinion of the executive committee be unreasonably absent for more than THREE meetings expressly convened for executive matters, they shall be considered as having resigned from that committee.

The executive committee shall meet regularly throughout the year, five members to form a quorum. An annual diary of dates of meetings and other known events shall be sent to all paid up members at the time of their renewal.

Should any member require a motion to be discussed by the committee then they should put their question in writing to the secretary. The motion will then be included in the agenda of the next scheduled meeting. Should the item be of a more urgent nature then an extra meeting can be called.

The chamber shall decide any question not provided for in these rules.

8 Annual General and other General meetings.

The annual general meeting shall be as soon as possible after the completion of the annual accounts of the Chamber, specific date to be notified to all members TWENTY – ONE days in advance.

The Business of the annual general meeting shall be:

(a) To receive the Annual General report from the president
(b) To receive the accounts of the Chamber
(c) To elect the following officers:
(i) A President
(ii) A Vice President
(iii) An Honorary auditor
(iv) A minimum of six members to the executive committee.
(d) To appoint a paid or honorary secretary
(e) Such other business as shall have been communicated to the secretary and included in the notice of the meeting sent to members.

The President, Vice President and Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all committees including the executive committee.

Elected officers of the chamber and members of the executive committee shall not be proposed for re election without providing written notice that they available to be so elected, such notice to be given SEVEN days prior to the date of such meeting.

The Secretary, on requisition of the President or five members of the Chamber can convene a special general meeting. The object of the meeting shall be stated on such requisition and not less than ten days notice of the meeting and the subject to be brought forward there shall be given by circular to all members. The Secretary shall call the meeting within ten days of receiving the requisition.

9 Voting

The votes at meetings of the Chamber shall be by show of hands, unless a ballot is demanded. The President shall have a second or casting vote in the case of a tie.

10 The secretary and duties of the secretary

The Chamber shall have the power to employ and pay a secretary and so long as there shall be no paid secretary an honorary secretary shall be elected by the chamber. The Chamber shall be empowered to pay the honorary secretary for the time being an honorarium in recognition of their services to the Chamber.

The secretary (whether Honorary or paid) shall conduct correspondence of the chamber in conjunction with the president and shall have custody of all documents belonging to the Chamber. The secretary shall keep full and correct minutes of all proceedings at all meetings both of the chamber and of the executive and of other committees of the chamber. In addition, the secretary shall be responsible for the promotion of the chamber, management of the membership, organisation of the meetings and management accounts.

11 Honorary Auditors

The honorary auditors shall audit the annual statement of account and balance sheet and shall certify the same before they are made available for presentation.

12 Accounts

All income shall be passed to the Secretary to be paid into the bank for credit of the Chamber and all payments shall be made by cheque having the signature of the President or Vice President and countersigned by at least one member of the executive committee. Such payments shall have been requested by letter or invoice from the person, or company providing goods or services.

13 Resignation

A member at any time by giving notice in writing to the secretary resign his/her membership of the Chamber but shall continue liable for an annual subscription due and unpaid at the date of his/ her resignation.

14 Expulsion of members

Any member who, in the opinion of the majority of the Chamber at a special meeting of which due notice has been given, is considered for any reason by such meeting after due consideration, as unsuitable or ineligible to continue as a member to continue as a member of the chamber shall be called upon to withdraw or resign, or default thereof, at the expiration of FOURTEEN days from the date of the notice , the person to whom such notice shall be given at once cease to be a member and forfeit all rights of membership. Such member shall have the right to appeal to a general meeting.

15 Alteration or addition to the constitution

No alteration of or addition to the constitution of the chamber shall be made , except at an annual or special general meeting of the chamber, or by special instruction from the executive steering committee having first given members adequate notice of changes.

16 Dissolution

The Chamber may be dissolved with the consent of at least four-fifths of the members present at a special general meeting duly summoned for that purpose.

May 2010