Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery supports local women’s rugby team

Some may think that diamonds and rugby boots don’t have much in common, but Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery and the Lewes Ladies’ rugby team are challenging these preconceptions with their new partnership.

Mike Shorer Lewes Ladies Rugby Sponsorship

Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery has become the newest sponsor for the Ladies team whose diamond-like strength has made them an almost unstoppable force in the cup and league this season. Despite sporting more mud than jewels on the rugby pitch, the Lewes Ladies are diamonds in the rough who have gone from strength to strength since Mike Shorer has joined their growing family.

Mike is used to working with winners: his trophies have been awarded to marathon runners, poker players and rock stars and his pieces have been worn by royalty and film stars – and now women’s rugby players. The Lewes Ladies are proud to be counted among such star-studded ranks and are honoured to wear Mike’s name on their kit.

Mike says, “It’s been a tremendous opportunity for Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery to partner with a successful women’s rugby team…” and the Ladies’ concur: “It’s such a fantastic opportunity to help such an incredible local business. We’ve been so lucky that Mike has been so supportive of us. We all wear our hoodies to travel to and from our away games and it really helps us look professional, and add a bit of glamour to our game.” says Sophie Williams, captain of the Lewes Ladies’ side.

Mike Shorer is a seventh generation, award winning goldsmith who specialises in affordable, bespoke fine jewellery and trophies. The Lewes Ladies are a well-established women’s rugby team who enjoy winning, and imparting gold-plated performances. Whilst rugby and jewellery might not be the most traditional of collaborations, Mike Shorer and the Lewes Ladies share a dedication to creating beautiful things, and exhibiting true crafts(wo)manship in their work.

To find out more about the Lewes Ladies and their efforts this season visit and visit to start your own unique collaboration with Mike Shorer himself.

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