Daring members of Newhaven Chamber take to the River Ouse to raise money for the local Sea Cadets in a ‘Britannia Rules the Waves’ challenge!

 Newhaven Chamber Raft Race

It’s not been plain sailing for the novice shipbuilders who are constructing their first raft designed to be paddled down the Ouse in the 42nd Annual Raft Race organised by Lewes & District Round Table.

Raft builder extraordinaire, Gary Walsh of Elite Industries has been hard at work constructing the sturdy vessel in his factory at Newhaven. Assisted by Mike Shorer with great ideas for a themed figurehead of Britannia, the enthusiastic Chamber President and Vice-President are hoping to be keen challengers to the other rafts with a few surprises along the route.

We are not planning to give too much away at this stage but the team is in training and hoping to smash targets!

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Event details

Newhaven Sea CadetsRaising funds for Newhaven and Seaford Sea Cadets.
We are racing down the Ouse to raise money for the Sea Cadets’ building refurbishment.

Our intrepid sailors (or paddlers) on this mission are Newhaven Chamber of Commerce members:
Gary Walsh, Mike Shorer, Jason Hall, Norman Mayhew, Jim Gilchrist, Paul Boswell, James Pickford and Jon Whitehead.

To complete the course they will have to avoid the perils of being bombarded with water canons along the route and pelted with all manner of flour bombs and crazy objects from the bridges at Southease Bridge and Newhaven.

Do support us! The raft is nearly built and will be adorned to match the this year’s theme ‘Britannia Rules the Waves’. We hope that our hardy sailors will also rule the waves and would love you all to come along and cheer them on. If you are going to the start at Lewes, we suggest you be there for around 12 noon as large crowds are expected. Otherwise, we will see you along the riverbank!

Event date
09-July-2017 15:00  –  18:00

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